Thought Splurge


-Caffeine and I don’t mix. I should know this by now.

-Mocha is tasty. I should have known this by now.

-Cuddles are awesome, but it’s awkward when there’s a frisson of sexual tension and others are there. Things you want to go further with but are too much of a wuss. I should have stopped this by now.

-I don’t care who, particularly, but I just want someone who shows me some vague affection. I’ve known this for a while now.

-Bleugh. Emotions. I should have stopped ignoring them by now.

-Splurge. Giggity. I should have grown up by now.

-I told my boss the truth about my past and my financial situation. He’s now super-worried about me, and i’m worried he thinks i’m unsuitable for my post. I should know to keep my trap shut by now.


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