One with the #Lads

So #Laddishness. Drinking, sex and general debauchery: all another label for general dickishness, so long as the male community on the LadBible approve of it.  There have been recent incidents of “Neknomming”: people downing a pint of alcohol, then daring others to do the same.  This is massively inappropriate, dangerous behaviour that can peer pressure people into drinking in a new and deadly way.  Not that we need new ways… But people have died, with it being a contributing factor.


I don’t get the point of laddishness.  Generally.  I don’t see why people feel the need to talk about their sexual relationships, or to challenge other people to do things that they can.  I identify as a man, thanks very much: I don’t need your approval to make that so.  This #LadCulture that is rising up is ridiculous, and it needs to stop.  It’s stupid, dangerous, and nobody needs it.


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