Feeling on Top of the World


On Top of the World, Imagine Dragons


Sometimes, just sometimes, things can go really right.  People get on. Jobs get done.  Life’s good.


These are the moments to remember, whenever it’s not so good.  Whenever you need to be strong for somebody.  Or if you need to be strong for yourself.  Because people are often too easily remembering bad times; or times when others have slighted them.  This never gets anyone anywhere really.  We stop remembering the good in people and we become bitter and jaded about everyone: including ourselves.


So forgive.  Don’t necessarily forget: you’d be foolish to trust people too far, don’t get me wrong.  But forgive, let things lie and don’t just dig things up when it suits.  That’s just callous and unnecessary.  Instead of throwing something back in someone else’s face, so long as they have apologised of course, let bygones be bygones and either get on without them in your life, or without bringing it up.  I think if we had more of that in the world, we’d get a bit farther with the mending.


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