Time, business and getting things done

I find I like to waste time a lot: I will procrastinate.  I’m the first to admit it, and generally, my coping strategy works.  I make myself have so many things to do that I must procrastinate from one thing by doing another.  This means that I will get things done, if perhaps in a sub-optimal order.  But if I allow myself any free time at all, I will waste it on trivial things.  Silly really.


But it means that I am perpetually busy: I have so many things going on at once that I need two diaries and a calendar, just to keep track of them.  What I wouldn’t do for a PA…  I suppose the main point is that everybody needs to have a way of getting things done: mine being to do as many things as possible.  I don’t really know any other ways; none seem to work.


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