Remember Remember

Tonight is November Fifth: Bonfire Night if you’re British.  Anyone who’s not familiar with the story, first off: watch/read V for Vendetta: it’s one of the best graphic novel/book/film combinations I’ve ever found (alongside The Walking Dead, which is a bit more Hallowe’en-ey, really) Secondly, Bonfire Night is when we Brits remember when there was a plot to overthrow our Parliament by, well, exploding the Houses thereof. Nightmare really.

Anyway, so we use this night to make bonfires, burn doll style versions of Guy Fawkes (the most famous conspirator) upon them, set off loud and vibrant fireworks and generally have a good time. Roasted Chestnuts, whiskey, marshmallows and the like are advised, but not required.

I never liked Bonfire Night though: it’s always too cold, and I don’t really get the excitement of craning your neck to painful degrees outside in the freezing cold for a stupidly expensive, and very short, display.  Much prefer the free ones on television at New Year.


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