Sometimes people can’t help

A lot of people need help, but don’t seek it.  In whatever context, for whatever reason; people often hate looking “weak” or “needy”.  We’re actively starting to encourage people though, as a society, to begin to change that, showing that it’s alright for guys to cry, or for somebody to admit that they have depression.

Unfortunately, people can take the mick.

I often try and help people, especially my friends, whenever they have issues. This is often to my own detriment; I rarely have time to deal with my everyday stuff because it’s better to be sure that other people are alright. Right?  Well, what if they cry wolf?  What if, you go round with a big sign saying “mug” on your forehead, and people start taking advantage?  Because then, when you realise that you’re being played for a fool, what can be done? You can continue as was, knowing that your time is being wasted, but not wanting to risk the chance of being wrong in the future and there being a wolf, or you can just turn off your attachment and let them go their own way. Which is easier said than done.

But, even worse, what if your decisions are also conflicted by the fact that your best friend is dating this person? And that they’re not healthy for him?  But you’re their boss, so you have to deal with any fall out…

Well, I just went for it and threw the cat amongst the pigeons.  And the proverbial has still not stopped hitting the fan. But I think that it was the best decision; getting them to split up.  Even if I feel like a cretin.

So basically, the whole point of this, is that people need help. But they also need to learn from whom that help can and should come: and that by piling all of their qualms on someone else’s shoulder, they can be doing just as much, or more, harm to that person.


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