I failed at this. I’m sorry.

Broken Things Aren't Forever

I learned yesterday that some people feel like they need to be believed in in order to do things.


I don’t understand how that feels, but it must be horrible.  Especially if you don’t currently think you are being believed in.  So my endeavour from now on is to try and make sure everyone I know is made aware of how much i’m supportive of them.  No more put-downs, apart from the odd-long standing joke perhaps (though even that will be limited).  I’ll try and give people a compliment every day.  Because if someone feels like they don’t want to be around simply because they don’t feel worthy, then I’m damn well going to try and make them feel worthy.


Broken things may not be forever, but sometimes people need help so that the breaks heal properly.

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Wandering, dancing to an unheard tune Floating, falling through the endless sky. Where is the song of the heavens, my love? Can you hear it from where you lie? Constancy and hope are what they show Charted paths o’er celestial sphere. Are you part of that dance, my love? Will I see it from down here? From stars we came, to stars we’ll go To continue that dance forever more. But need you start so soon, my love? Whatever did you do it for? So tell me please what the stars are like, Return and show me the Dance of Stars. I look up and think of you, my love. And of your part in the Song of Stars.


Met Office in the Media – 7 August 2015

Official blog of the Met Office news team

Earth from space

An article published today makes a number of claims about Met Office weather and climate science.

It would be difficult to cover all the points raised in this blog, but here we look at the science and facts behind a few of the assertions.

The first decadal forecast issued in 2007

We did indeed publish the first groundbreaking decadal forecast in 2007. It had two headline statements:

  1. that half of all years after 2009 would be warmer globally than the record year at that time (1998) – This is doing well so far with two out of five years (2010 and 2014) warmer than 1998 and given current temperature levels, it’s likely this will be 3 out of 6 by the end of this year, consistent with our forecast for 2015
  2. that 2014 would be 0.3 °C ± 0.21 °C warmer than 2004 (giving a range of 0.09 °C to 0.51…

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Broken Things Aren't Forever

Exhausted, she looks out over her kingdom of glass,

The waning light sending shifting shadows scurrying through the ethereal walkways.

From up here, she can see how everything she has worked for fits together

Yet she dare not go down, nor get too close.

For then the cracks would begin to show.

Splintering fractures weaving webs of instability across her proud achievement.

Wisps where once were walls.

Pain where once was joy.

And so she hides, high above.

Let another make repairs, let another spend their time.

Her work was done, the kingdom set.

Now someone else must lead.

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